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Hudson Bay


Natalie is currently giving presentations about her and Ann's expedition. Past presentations include Canoecopia, REI, St.Olaf College, Princeton University, the University of Maryland, and for CURE Minnesota's annual conference (300+ people). She and Ann were nominated for Canoe & Kayak's 2012 Expedition of the Year and were written about in Outside Magazine, Canoe&Kayak, and the Star Tribune. Their blog has over 40,000 views. The skills they acquired from planning and executing this trip prepared Natalie to start her current business, Wild River Academy.

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"Natalie tells an inspiring story with humor and honesty – not just the physical challenge of such an undertaking, but the personal and interpersonal challenges and rewards as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and left with the desire to undertake my own adventures in a canoe!" -- Mindy Ahler, Edina, MN

"Experiences like Natalie and Ann's trip not only change their lives forever but give them the opportunity to share with others along their path the joy, challenge, and discovery of building a global community of diverse people so needed in our fast paced, goal oriented world. Bravo to these courageous young women who inspire me and the many who will hear their story of Voyageur Adventure 21st Century style." - Paul Thompson, Minneapolis,MN

"Natalie gave a superb performance. She sent a room full of people home happy and glad they came. The only downside is that my wish that the paddling club would fire me from the position of Program Chairman ain’t gonna happen with shows like that." -- Ed Gertler

Presentations run 65 - 80 minutes and cost $500.

Please email Natalie at to book a presentation for your institution.


The goal is to encourage people to pursue their passions, resulting in greater opportunities for themselves and their communities. The presentation consists of the following elements, strung together with adventure stories and anecdotes.